Using SEO To Inform Your Website Content Strategy

Isn’t it exciting to build a new website? Picking the colours, designing your logo, getting the home page looking just right. I totally understand why entrepreneurs get caught up in how their website looks – that’s the fun part!

The trouble is how your website looks is only half the battle. And to be honest, it’s not even the most important half. Looking nice is great, but performing well should be your ultimate goal for your website.

To perform well, you need a website content strategy that will actually reach, connect with and convert potential customers.

To do this, you need to use good search engine optimization, or SEO, which is the process of attracting organic, free traffic from search engines like Google. Ultimately, you can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if search engines can’t find you, potential customers never will.

Get SEO right, and you’ll have a steady stream of high-quality traffic to your website. Get it wrong, and people won’t even know you exist.

It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of good SEO. Thankfully, even though it may sound complicated, you can actually use SEO as a guide to help create a website content strategy that will make your website better and lead to more business.

In the following article, we’ll explore how you can leverage the power of SEO to build a website for your target market. Let’s jump in.

SEO & Your Website Content Strategy
Small business owners tend to wear a lot of hats. They have big dreams and lots of goals. While that may be great for their business, it can make it difficult for them to narrow down their unique selling position (making it one of the first things we nail down in our strategy consulting sessions).

So many of the small business owners I work with struggle with encapsulating their business in a few simple key phrases. But Internet users are a flighty bunch. You need to grab their attention in 3 seconds of landing on your website (literally), or you risk them bouncing off your page, never to be seen again.

Any good website content strategy, then, will rely on short, pithy headlines, especially on the homepage (learn more about writing the perfect, SEO homepage headline here).

How does SEO help you write the best possible headlines? It’s easy! Well – sort of. It’s easy if you understand how to do keyword research.

To do good keyword research, you first need to take stock of your own website, using Google Analytics. What keywords are bringing people to your site? Which pages on your website lead to conversions? Where are people coming from?

Next, take a look at your competition to get a picture of the competitive keyword landscape. Who shows up in Google when you do a search for your services or products?

After you understand this information, you make a list of long-tail keywords. Think phrases instead of one-word searches. Unless you’ve got an outsized budget (and even then), you’re probably not going to rank well for something as generic as ‘dogs,’ for example. But maybe you have a shot at ‘are dogs ticklish on their paws.’ You get the idea.

Getting a good keyword list should be your first priority when building your website because it will inform the rest of your website content strategy. Then, when you’re writing headlines, especially on the homepage, you can use your keywords to help focus your content.

So let’s say you’ve identified ‘small dog breeders in Abbotsford, BC’ as your long-tail keyword. Boom! There’s your short, pithy headline.

This is why you need to think of SEO as more than just one more troublesome thing you need to do. When used properly, it can be one of your most important tools for helping you flesh out a smart website for your target audience.

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Today, there are a whopping 600+ million blogs out there, out of over 1.7 billion websites. Here are some of the advantages of blogging for marketing and the components of an effective blog post so you can join them!

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Use SEO to Build Your Website For Your Target Market
Let’s assume you’ve done your research to develop a solid list of high-volume, low-competition keywords that will help you dominate the local search rankings.

And let’s assume you’ve done all the SEO essentials like using proper title tags, using proper H1 and H2 tags, and optimizing for Google’s core web vitals and local search traffic.

That’s it, right? That’s all you need for an SEO website?

Wrong. That’s because search engines are always on the lookout for fresh and relevant content. They’re always hungry for new content, and if you want to rank, it’s your job to feed them, with regular, quality content.

That’s why adding new content to a website, especially as a value-adding blog post, is essential for every website. By writing a blog, you’re inexpensively creating new content for the search engines to index.

Not only that, your blog is a great way to showcase your expertise and/or products, demonstrate your authority in your field, and connect with your audience on a regular basis.

Again, I understand why many of the small business owners who come to me have struggled with coming up with blog ideas.

And again, here is where your SEO strategy can help inform your website content – because that comprehensive list of high-volume, low-competition keywords can also be your blog topic list!

Google will reward you if you use your blog to share original, substantial and/or insightful analysis or information. Combine that search engine optimized content with a killer keyword list, and you’ve got a match made in a digital marketer’s heaven.

Of course, I understand that building that keyword list is easier said than done when you’re not an SEO expert. Thankfully, it’s an easy task to outsource! My team regularly helps small business owners get more traffic with a sustainable SEO strategy. And we are constantly updating our strategies to meet the ever-demanding changes by the major search engines.

Maybe we’re a little nerdy, but where others find SEO daunting and tedious, we love the challenge! Whatever your SEO needs, we have an SEO package to match, and we can help you see real results. Learn more here.

sunglasses brands to buy this year

Most people know what sunglasses are and how to use them, but many have never heard of clip-on sunglasses in Sri Lanka.

Clip-ons are a type of glasses that can be worn with any outfit because they don’t have hinges or frames. They work by clipping onto your ears, nose, or hair. While some might think this is strange at first glance, it actually makes sense when you consider the benefits that come with these glasses:

One of the best things about clip-ons is their convenience in terms of size. When not being used, they can be folded up into a small case and taken anywhere without having to worry about damaging them in transit (or losing them).
Another benefit is that they’re cheap!

The best brands to purchase are Maui Jims because their lenses have been tested by NASA scientists and found to give superior eye protection–they can also provide up to 100% UVA/UVB radiation absorption levels. The other two top brands are Rayban (who offers some great colours) and Grayline Clear Clip On women’s Sunglasses in Sri Lanka (which offer polarized tinting). Taking these characteristics into consideration should help people decide on the best pair of clip-on sunglasses for your needs.

The best types to buy are the clip-on sunglasses with a frame, as they will not only be more durable but also offer better coverage of your eyes and nose


Remember that if you plan on using these in water, make sure there’s some type of sealant or coating so that it doesn’t rust, especially if you’re buying expensive ones! The frames should ideally be non-magnetic stainless steel too since other metals can corrode when wet.

Radiance Mercury- Convenient Lifestyle with Luxurious Amenities

Radiance Realty, a number one land player based in Chennai, is made on a legacy of tradition and is driven by the verve and vigour of youth. A formidable force within the Indian land industry with a nationwide presence, Radiance Realty is devoted to providing premium housing solutions designed for the 21st century and is committed to exceed customers’ expectations. Every project of Radiance Realty is meant and built on a robust foundation of customer centric innovation and perfection. Featuring the newest amenities and therefore the latest designs, it focuses on delivering luxurious lifestyle options that are suited to the discerning homeowner. With the promoters having a background of over 70 years of experience in construction, Radiance Realty has been a welcome neighborhood of many new beginnings and hopes to be a part of yours also.

Radiance Mercury is a project situated in Perumbakkam, Chennai. The worth of the flats under this project vary between INR 27.0 Lac Onwards. Block C, D and E- 1 and a couple of BHK, able to Occupy, No GST.

Radiance Mercury presents High-Quality Flats in Perumbakkam, a quick Developing Residential Hub. The project has 546 Flats purchasable in Perumbakkam covering a spacious 6.2 acres of Land. it’s 6 blocks of normal Units, with a mixture of 1 BHK & 2 BHK units. These Apartments in OMR range from 727 Sq.ft. to 967 Sq.ft. Radiance Mercury has an array of choices for the worthy Conscious buyer . phase I clinical trial completed by December 2016. Sprawling across 6.2 acres of blooming greenery, the well-ventilated residential apartments of Radiance Mercury are affordably priced to suit all the pockets of various segments of home-buyers.

Situated within the premium residential address of Perumbakkam, Chennai – Radiance Mercury also offers cozy 2BHK units measuring 610 sq ft and studio apartments which also are economically priced and may even be occupied on rent or lease basis.

Cherished with good reviews, the attractive floor plans of Radiance Mercury ensure spacious and cozy homes that are bathed with sunlight, thus creating a cheerful home ambiance. The rhythmic flow of cool breeze across all the rooms will certainly keep you enliven right along the day. 24hours water system , around the clock security, complete power backup and every one other prime necessities are provided to make your life smooth & convenient. A swimming bath with a separate kids pool, multi-purpose hall, court , cricket nets, kids play area, room , gym, various indoor & outdoor games, mini theatre and lots of other world-class facilities make this project worth investing in. Floor plans are excellent thanks to understanding how the spaces/rooms connect with one another during a house and help provide a much bigger picture to a buyer.

The properties in Radiance Mercury are available in 1 configurations and 1 layout (or floor plan), with 1BHKs present in a 620 sq. ft. super area. of these configurations accompany 1 balcony. Well-developed infrastructures, easy connectivity to conveyance facilities and good proximity to adjoining areas are a number of the best attributes of Perumbakkam which has made it a well-liked residential destination of Chennai.

Perumbakkam may be a suburb within Southern Chennai, strategically located near ELCOT SEZ, which is home to companies like HCL, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, and Cognizant. Shollinganallur, Semmencherry, Medavakkam, and Sithalapakkam are the encompassing localities to the present area. The locality is well-served with different residential developments like multi-storey apartments, residential plots, and independent houses. Well-known builders in this area include Sivarams Builders, Malles Construction, Radiance Realty, and BSCPL Infrastructure Ltd. the important estate market is probably going to expand , thanks to the upcoming metro line along the GST Road and IT companies in this area. Chennai MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) Buses offer easy connectivity to other parts of the town . Nearest railroad station is Velachery railroad station (11 km), and St. Thomas Mount Metro Station(15Km) on the Green Line is the nearest metro station. Furthermore, Chennai International Airport is 17Km, which may be accessed from 200 Feet Radial Road/Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam Road. Perumbakkam lies in proximity to educational institutes like BVM International School, NPS International School, Horizon International Academy, and Amethyst International School. A number of the well-equipped healthcare facilities like Gleneagles Global Health City, Arun Hospital, Swaram Hospital & Specialty Clinic Sholinganallur, and V Cure Hospital are located within a brief distance from this area. BMR Mall, Phoenix MarketCity and Vivira Mall are 9Km to 14Km away. Sholinganallur and OMR are the main IT corridors of Chennai, which are 8Km to 10Km away. Furthermore, Future Tech Park is 7.7Km while Chennai One IT SEZ, ASV Suntech Park, and Guindy Industrial Estate are 7Km to 19Km far away from this locality. GST Road is 14Km, Tharamani is 15Km through Velachery highway.

HomeCapital has started the very first program of providing home down payment assistance especially to first time home buyers making their homeownership process much faster.

Numerology – A Window to Past, Present, and Future

Though it is not as vast spread as other branches of conventional astrology, it is no way less popular than any of its counterparts.

Aspects of Numerology

Principally, it works on a system in which the nine astrological planets have been assigned with certain numbers. Other than that, different aspects of the physical and spiritual existence of a being are also aligned with the basic mathematical laws principles to carry out numerology. As far as the assigning of numbers to planets, it is done on the grounds that certain planets vibrate to certain numbers. Also, Vedic Astrology highly believes that these planets create varied and intense impact on the lives of human beings, though in different dimensions, but overall in a substantial way. The kind of influence which will be drawn depends primarily on the planetary positions and different planetary combinations as formed at that time. Among these, one of the planets is identified to be primarily effective on one’s life, and another planet is considered to be secondary influential.

Significance of Name and Date of Birth

Therefore, date of birth of a person beside his/her name is one significant factor in the numerology process. It is like a core or soul around which entire physical aspects revolve. It defines and determines one’s personality, individuality, relationships, success, career, and past, present, and future.

As already stated, name is one significant factor in numerology. By assessing someone’s name in concord with the date of birth of a person, one can determine that if that name is suitable or unsuitable for a person, of it creates positive vibrations or negative vibrations. Numerology believes that every alphabet and word as well as their sound create certain cosmic vibrations, which might be positive or negative.

It is an undeniable fact that name is the foremost identity of a person, which one carries all through one’s life. It reflects for one’s capabilities and character. It is a source of spiritual motivation, self-awareness, and mounting emotions. It defines for one’s own destiny, and the way one will abide to it in life. It is static, which is adopted (usually) once in a lifetime. Therefore, one should ensure to get it right at the first go. Considering numerology at the time of deciding baby’s name saves one from the latter possible jinx, which might otherwise arise out of an unlucky name.

Application of Numerology

If both name and date of birth of a person can be provided, numerology holds an ability to spread out an elaborate picture about one’s life and all aspects of life. It can describe the intrinsic qualities, purpose of life, and different phases of life. It can also be the base of determining lucky numbers and lucky names, as essentially required during the time of selecting an appropriate date for initiating something, or at the time of assigning a name to a business or project, or at the time of selecting account number, vehicle registration number, house number, etc. in assistance with a reputed team of astrologers [], have bring out a highly reliable and effective online numerology [] system, with which you can easily assess the ‘true definitions’ of your date of birth and name. The elaborate system offers you to carry out a name numerology test, birth date numerology test, and numerology personality test through numerology calculator. Other than that you can order us for a full-fledged Numerology report, a forecast report, or an advisory report for your personalized use.