Numerology – A Window to Past, Present, and Future

Though it is not as vast spread as other branches of conventional astrology, it is no way less popular than any of its counterparts.

Aspects of Numerology

Principally, it works on a system in which the nine astrological planets have been assigned with certain numbers. Other than that, different aspects of the physical and spiritual existence of a being are also aligned with the basic mathematical laws principles to carry out numerology. As far as the assigning of numbers to planets, it is done on the grounds that certain planets vibrate to certain numbers. Also, Vedic Astrology highly believes that these planets create varied and intense impact on the lives of human beings, though in different dimensions, but overall in a substantial way. The kind of influence which will be drawn depends primarily on the planetary positions and different planetary combinations as formed at that time. Among these, one of the planets is identified to be primarily effective on one’s life, and another planet is considered to be secondary influential.

Significance of Name and Date of Birth

Therefore, date of birth of a person beside his/her name is one significant factor in the numerology process. It is like a core or soul around which entire physical aspects revolve. It defines and determines one’s personality, individuality, relationships, success, career, and past, present, and future.

As already stated, name is one significant factor in numerology. By assessing someone’s name in concord with the date of birth of a person, one can determine that if that name is suitable or unsuitable for a person, of it creates positive vibrations or negative vibrations. Numerology believes that every alphabet and word as well as their sound create certain cosmic vibrations, which might be positive or negative.

It is an undeniable fact that name is the foremost identity of a person, which one carries all through one’s life. It reflects for one’s capabilities and character. It is a source of spiritual motivation, self-awareness, and mounting emotions. It defines for one’s own destiny, and the way one will abide to it in life. It is static, which is adopted (usually) once in a lifetime. Therefore, one should ensure to get it right at the first go. Considering numerology at the time of deciding baby’s name saves one from the latter possible jinx, which might otherwise arise out of an unlucky name.

Application of Numerology

If both name and date of birth of a person can be provided, numerology holds an ability to spread out an elaborate picture about one’s life and all aspects of life. It can describe the intrinsic qualities, purpose of life, and different phases of life. It can also be the base of determining lucky numbers and lucky names, as essentially required during the time of selecting an appropriate date for initiating something, or at the time of assigning a name to a business or project, or at the time of selecting account number, vehicle registration number, house number, etc. in assistance with a reputed team of astrologers [], have bring out a highly reliable and effective online numerology [] system, with which you can easily assess the ‘true definitions’ of your date of birth and name. The elaborate system offers you to carry out a name numerology test, birth date numerology test, and numerology personality test through numerology calculator. Other than that you can order us for a full-fledged Numerology report, a forecast report, or an advisory report for your personalized use.