Preparing to Craft a Concise Presentation

A local organization has asked you to send a representative to speak on a particular topic. Although you have received these requests before, you always sent one particular person to fulfill this role. However, that person no longer works for the company. Although you have known replacing them needed to happen sooner rather than later, you can no longer put off its importance. Grooming your next executive to craft a concise presentation is important to the organization’s bottom line. How do you begin?

If you had time to do it yourself, you would. But you don’t. However, sending a group of managers to a workshop on presentation skills is an option. A professional development company that specializes in executive presence and presentation skills can teach your managers how to craft a concise presentation while critiquing their particular skills of public speaking. The most effective presentations include these important components:

1. Clear Purpose and Objectives
The purpose must be clearly understood before anyone can craft a concise presentation. What message will the audience understand when they leave? What are the important points to consider? What is the best way to organize the material to deliver a clear, concise message?

2. Awareness of Audience
What type of people will hear this message? College students, seasoned executives or stay-at-home mothers? Who will hear the message is just as important as what is said. You certainly want to make sure your style of language fits the listeners you will address. In addition, to craft a concise presentation, you want to make sure the audience can follow the content of the message. Are you addressing a group of scholars or first-year college students? Who you address will also determine the language you use for the presentation.

3. Time Efficient
How much time you have to deliver the presentation will impact its content and organization. In addition to the considering the time needed to deliver the content, there should be time left over for questions and answers at the end. Planning how you will use the time allotted is important. It will impact the presentation’s effectiveness. So be mindful as you craft a concise presentation not to spend too much time on one point and more time on less important ones.

4. Visual Aids
Adding illustrations or other visual components to the presentation can also increase its impact and effectiveness. Considering the explosion of visual material found on Facebook, YouTube and other Internet sites, your presentation could benefit greatly by choosing powerful illustrations. In fact, to craft a concise presentation, visual aids could cut down on the time needed to explain difficult concepts or allow you to quickly introduce new ideas.

These are just a few considerations to ponder while preparing to address an audience. To craft a concise presentation requires a time commitment to study, research and prepare. Understanding the purpose of the meeting, the audience, the time allowed and whether or not to use visual aids are just a few points of reflection. There are more items to discuss and presentation skills training will help strengthen your leaders’ abilities to deliver presentations that are superior in a group or one-on-one session.

Public Speakers Know The 2 Parts To An Effective Business Presentation

I’m sure that we’d all like to live the life of a rock star. To be on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans who are using their listening skills to hang on to our every word is everyone’s dream. However, the harsh reality of life is that for most of us the majority of “stage time” that we’re going to get will occur in a business setting. What can we do to make those presentations as powerful as possible?

It’s All About The Conclusion

In a business meeting your audience has come to hear you speak not because they want to be entertained or be wowed by your presentation tips, but rather because they want to learn from you. More often than not you’ve done some research or you’ve been involved in a project that they want to have more information on.

We all know about the importance of public speaking. What this means for you is that you’ve got to present to your audience the information that they want right off the bat. The last thing that you want to do is to make them have to sit through your entire presentation in order to get their hands on the piece of information that they came for.

That being said, why bother with the rest of your presentation after you’ve shared your conclusion with them? That’s pretty simple – they may not believe you! You reached your conclusion based on information that you gathered. Just presenting your conclusion is not enough for your audience. Instead, you now need to show them how you reached your conclusion.

Since they already know where you are going to end up because you’ve shared your conclusion with them, they are better able to follow the rest of your presentation. No, they may not all agree with your reasoning and they may not agree with your conclusion, but at least they’ll be able to follow along and understand how you reached it.

This is how discussions start. If your presentation can clearly communicate your conclusions and either get your audience to accept your conclusions or at least get them to start to discuss them, then you will have done your job as a speaker.

What Are Your Recommendations?

Just reaching a conclusion based on information that you’ve gathered is not enough. Remember that you are presenting in a business environment and a business is always looking for ways to move forward.

Your recommendations will be based on your conclusions. This means that your recommendations are going to be a key part of your presentation. I’m going to recommend that you hold off on presenting your recommendations until the end of your presentation.

Your goal here is going to be to open your speech with your conclusions, follow this up with an explanation of how you reached your conclusions, and then wrap things up with a presentation of your recommendations.

By making your recommendations be the last thing that you present, you’ll set the stage for the discussion that will occur after your speech is over. Your recommendations will be the last thing that was in your audience’s minds and they’ll either be able to accept them, or at the very least start a discussion about them.

What All Of This Means For You

A business presentation is the type of speech that most of us will find ourselves doing the majority of the time. Our audience will be showing up to learn what we know and we need to make sure that we present our information in a way that they get what they came for. This is one of the benefits of public speaking – we really can reach an entire group of people all at once.

The conclusions that you’ve reached based on the information that you’ve gathered or the project that you’ve been part of is what your audience wants to know right off the bat. After that you can share with them how you went about reaching your conclusions. Wrap things up by presenting your recommendations. This is the last thing that you want to leave them with.

I suspect that you’ve had to sit through a number of business presentations that were quite horrible. Don’t let this be your fate. Instead, give your audience what they came for right off the bat and then tell them what you want them to do. They may not agree with you, but at least they’ll remember what you said!

The True Reason Why Women Pick Awful Christmas Presents For Men

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