Comey, Trump, Be More Cautious Negotiating With A Wizard – Negotiation Tip of the Week

Former FBI Director Comey should have been more cautious negotiating with Trump (you’re always negotiating); the latter is a wizard that doesn’t adhere to the styles of normal negotiators. Thus, Comey should have known that he was playing with fire as he interacted with the president in the manner he did. But now that Comey is gone, it’s the president’s turn to play peekaboo with the hidden flame of wizardry. That means Comey may take the president to the school of wizardry in the form of ‘get backs’.

When you negotiate, always play the long-game. Think about what might occur in the future as the result of the actions you engage in today.

You’re fired! Ha, ha, ha. That’s a joke, right? The timing and manner in which Comey discovered that he was out of a job, initially led him to believe just that; his firing was a joke.

A wizard is someone that can turn the hidden into the seen, darkness to light, and in-and-out to out-and-in. In essence, a wizard is someone that can change reality based on how he wishes reality to be. Both Trump and Comey have that ability.

Getting tired of reading this article, don’t stop. Instead, take note of how you’re feeling. At the end of this article, don’t jump ahead yet, you’ll gain more insight as to how you might feel when negotiating with a wizard.

Be more cautious than normal when negotiating with people of power. They can use their power to get others to do their bidding, which means they can have unperceived leverage. Thus, the wizard can work his magic behind the scenes and cause a twitch to occur in you (i.e. perceived strange things to happen).

  1. Always be mindful of how you treat people (i.e. you’re always negotiating). You may be in a power position today, but others can combine forces to overpower you.
  2. Consider how things look when you make pronouncements; optics (i.e. the way something appears) can have more of a mental impact on a decision than the original intent of the decision.
  3. When negotiating with powerful people, they can change the rules of the negotiation and not give a heck about the opinion of others, or their lack of consistency with what they previously stated.

Understand, in any negotiation, the possibility for blowback always lurks in concealment. When negotiating with a wizard the blowback can be in the form of being turned into a toad (i.e. have you and/or your environment viewed as being hollow, suspect to deal with, unfit for interaction).

Be it fair to say, negotiating with people of substantial power has to be done with caution. You have to be mindful not to alienate them, while at the same time getting as much as you can as quickly as you can. Just keep in mind that you might have to walk a narrow road between being amenable and being viewed or positioned as someone that can’t be dealt with. If the latter should befall you and you seek retribution, all you have to do is wait. There’ll come a point, with leverage (i.e. combining forces with others), when you’ll be able to even the score. For you, when that occurs… everything will be right with the world.

Now let me ask, did you experience frustration while reading this article? If you did, that’s what it’s like negotiating with a wizard. The same is true if you didn’t experience frustration. That’s the power of wizardry. The wizard is always right.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

A Snappy Interesting Presentation That Leaves Them Wanting More – Elegant Simplicity!

At a recent conference I attended it became clear to me that some presenters hit the mark quickly and stayed on it, finishing with a crescendo, whilst others meandered around their topics in an aimless way successfully disengaging the baited audience. On reflection, it seemed to me that the key to the success of each good presentation was the presenter had explored deeply, from the receiver’s viewpoint, and boiled down the vastness in the information they were presenting to a single salient message, or at most a few powerful points. And they stuck with them, embellishing them, but within the realm of simplicity. They first created a roadmap and from there ventured into it.

It’s recognition that highly technical sets of data need to be counterbalanced with an approach to simplicity–and this adds power and punch.

It’s a message that speaks of ‘more with less’ and a process that whets the appetite and doesn’t bore people senseless, encouraging inappropriate audience response behaviours which are, in the mix of things, disrespectful.

Beginning with the End in Mind

The presenters who got it right seemed to have started with the end in mind, as Stephen Covey would put it, relating to his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. They seemed to have asked themselves the question, ‘If I was in the audience, what would I want to take away from this?’

It’s a customer-focused angle where the person receiving the information is front of mind for the presenter in his or her own planning and delivery. The presenter starts boldly, they build with needed fact and relevance, and conclude with the take home value that has the receiver quickly scribbling down notes of takeaway benefit.

They keep it simple and audience directed. They’re attentive to audience response, having planned for unexpected nuances of both support and disinterest, for we’re all surprised by what people actually find most interesting–being blind somewhat to what we actually deliver in the context of a completely different person to ourselves, personally.

Does your presentation pass the ‘simplicity test’ packing a valuable and memorable punch for the receiver?

6 Present Ideas For Valentine’s Day For Men

1 – Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are high quality items that make superb pieces of wall art that can be hung in any room of the home. Bespoke sizes and dimensions mean that canvas prints can be created to fit any space on the wall and they can also be created to match any budget that you might be working to. Pick a romantic picture of the two of you together in order to create a stunning personalised Valentines gift. Add your message of love to the rear of the canvas too in order to make it even more personal and heartfelt.

2 – Montage Prints

If you’re struggling to choose a single picture or you want to include a series of pictures from the last year then a photo montage could be the solution for you. Pick your favourite pictures and have a professional montage created for you before printing it to canvas or any of the other high quality photo gifts that are available.

3 – Custom Laptop Bags for men

Various styles of bag can be created using photos and text too. Handbags and makeup bags make incredible Valentines Gifts for ladies while carry alls, wash bags, and custom laptop bags are ideally suited as present ideas for Valentines Day for men. Use your favourite picture, add text, or include the montage you have had design for you.

4 – Personalised Calendars for men

The personalised calendar is a good gift idea if you want to include a larger number of pictures without creating a montage. Pick a picture and title to add to the front cover, choose twelve monthly pictures and add captions for each of the images. The Valentines photo calendar uses February as the start month and the quality of the gift means that it will be enjoyed for many years to come and not just for the next twelve months.

5 – Photo Puzzles

Photo puzzles are not only great looking and unique but are fun too. A picture is first printed on durable and robust board before being cut into the shapes of a jigsaw. You can design the presentation tin to include the finished picture as well or include a different message that lets the recipient know that they need to finish the puzzle in order to see get the message.

6 – Photo Cushions

Photo cushions are comfortable and practical as well as romantic and good looking. Use a single picture for the front and pick a colour for the back or for a little extra, use the same picture or a second picture on the reverse of the cushion. A special Valentines Day cushion includes a love heart design inside which your chosen picture is printed. The whole items is finished beautifully with a heart shaped zipper in keeping with Valentines Day.